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Radio ArtEZ

Jun 2, 2020

Back in march, we put out an open call to all of you to send us your voice messages, imagining the year 8102. That year was given to us by artist duo K&A through their project of the same name. In this episode, we present you wit that future.

Featuring messages from: Alkis Barbas, Cecile Lassonde, Manolis Ladas, Christianne van Leest, Jibbe Willems, Lenn Cox, Loan Lobo de Miranda, Louise Knobil, Olívia Campelo, Simona Piras and Sophie Kern.

K&A released a digital publication as a companion piece to this episode. Be sure to check that out here:

For more information on the project 8102, visit

This episode is edited by K&A, Dennis Gaens and Joke Alkema.