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Radio ArtEZ

May 12, 2019

n this podcast series of Studium Generale the founders of Fillip Studios Tom Kortbeek and Roos Meerman will take us into the world of science and art. We will be addressing questions like: How can the artist, with al her qualities contribute to science? How can these different worlds work together? What are the potentials and pitfalls? By interviewing scientists and art and design students we want to contemplate about what art and science can do if they join forces. What can we learn from each other? 

In this second episode we will talk with graduate ArtEZ student Thomas van den Bliek and talk about his graduation research, tactile and 'warm' techniques, conversation pieces, art and the value of money. 

With: Roos Meerman, Tom Kortbeek, Thomas van den Bliek and Sabine Winters

Music: De Raad van Toezicht