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Radio ArtEZ

Nov 26, 2019

Bio Orchestra is a collaboration project with Plant Physiologist Sander van der Krol, from the department Plant Physiology of Wageningen University.  Based on the knowledge and methods of Wageningen University, Tom Kortbeek is developing a plant orchestra by translating growth data into sound. This interdisciplinary project tested the applicability of art and science throughout the process. In this podcast we are going to listen to the process development in this Art -Science project. What kind of story do you want to tell as an artist? What are the potentials, and pitfalls of an interdisciplinary project like this? And of course Tom performs the actual plant music made with the Bio Orchestra.

Link to Fillip Studios Bio Orchestra:



Intro and outro music: De Raad van Toezicht. (Song: Snake.)
Intermezzo’s by Lotte Bijl
Composer plant music: Falk Hübner